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The Hound of the Baskervilles Discussion

October 23rd, 2008

To participate in our discussion, please respond to three of the questions below by the end of the school day on Monday the 27th.


1. Why do you think that Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous and most admired characters in literature?

2. In what ways is Dr. Watson the ideal friend and foil for Sherlock Holmes?
Foil- anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing’s good qualities.

3. Why does Doyle choose to tell part of the story in letter and journal form? That is, why not simply tell the events directly as Watson is experiencing them?

4. Holmes figures out the identity of the person who wants to kill the Baskervilles because of a clue that we, the readers, do not get access to. What do you make of this literary slight of hand? Should the reader have equal access to all clues? Or is it O.K. that Holmes has more information than we do? What plot device allows Holmes to have more information than us?

5. At the end of the novel it seems that reason and science have triumphed over superstition. Is that really the case? Are their some elements of the story which trouble the neat conclusion? What does that say about our author?